Saturday, January 07, 2006

So I Finally Joined

I've had the invitation email in my inbox for awhile now.. I guess over the holidays it was a little bit hard to do anything other than EAT! :) Hehe.. Well, I'm so glad to be back and I can't wait to see everyone! I just got a new Cooks Country magazine two days ago and have been looking over the recipes. If I find any good ones I'll be sure to share! And, if you ladies have any special requests let me know - we can plan a cooking night (or a series of cooking nights) where we gather at each other's homes for a cooking "class" and learn how to make something together.

P - I would love to learn to make dumplings!
KR - I would love to learn to make those ribs!

I'm sure everyone else (maybe even the boys!) have some great recipes that I'd love to learn.

See you all soon!


Blogger yellowinter said...

definitely. i'd love to have you guys over for the ribs (kalbi). :)

9:27 AM  

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